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“…if you have to have a prayer session before raising prices…then you’ve got a terrible business"

Warren Buffet, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, 2011

Your products and services are not the same as your competitors. And neither are your costs, your channels to market or your customers. So why should your prices be the same as your competitors?

At Sans Prix, we help companies, large and small, monetise the value of their products and services with smarter, value-based pricing strategies.

We are an independent, strategic pricing consultancy, with over two decades of global pricing experience. From our base in Melbourne, Australia, and via a network of associates, we provide services to clients all around the world.

And just like our clients’ products and services, their competitors, costs and customers, we treat all our clients pricing challenges as unique, applying rigorous, proven and innovative techniques in the provision of global pricing solutions.

We also run PricingProphets, the world's first and only online pricing advisory service (crowd-sourcing) devoted to Pricing. Don’t know what price to charge for a product or service? Our panel of global pricing experts and thought-leaders will tell you what price to charge, and why.